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Our Vision:

Deseen & Associates Engineering Consultant is a locally-owned engineering consultancy estabilished in Melbourne and committed to providing cost effective and exceptional design

We believe Long-term relationship is the key of success. We listen and work to earn your trust and confidence. We work with you to achieve the very best. 

Creating exceptional design and delivery of success is the core of our vision for the future. We work with you to explore the potential of your project, keeping you and your business on the track of success.

Crane at Work

Our Team

Dr. Fifi Zhao - Managing Director

Structural Dynamic Specialist - Wind and Seismic

  • PhD of Structural Engineering

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (with Honours)

  • Advance Diploma of Engineering Design

  • Dipolma of Training Design & Development

  • Dipolma of Vocational Education & Training

  • VBA Registered Building Practitioner Engineer Civil - EC 64357

  • Member of MIEAust,

Ms. Josephine Li

Junior Structural Engineer

  • Master of Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (with Honours)

Dr. Weigang Wang

Structure Reliability Engineer

  • PhD of Civil and Infrastructure

  • Bachelor of Safety Engineering

  • Member of MIEAust, IABMAS

Dr. Shuo Chen

Project Control Engineer

  • PhD of Construction Management

  • Master of Civil Engineering ( Project Management)

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering

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